Justice too long delayed is justice denied. — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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The mission of Pure Justice is to empower our members and supporters to advocate for the changes they want to see in our criminal justice system and for the economic opportunities they need. Through community organizing and civic engagement, we aim to transform institutions, create equity, and improve the lives of low to moderate income families in Harris County.

Our Team

Mr. Evans Co-Founded Pure Justice in the Fall of 2015 and currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer, Inmate Liaison, and Community Outreach Coordinator Evans helped to spark the idea of creating an organization centered on advocating for criminal justice reform.

R. C. Evans
Operations Director

Sasha L. Legette Founded Pure Justice in the Fall of 2015 and currently serves as the President, Chair of the Criminal Justice Reform Initiative, and Social Justice Advocacy Coordinator for the organization.

Sasha L. Legette, J.D.
Executive Director

Criminal Justice Reform

Seldom includes the voices of the youth. We are in the process of putting together a youth criminal justice reform council comprised of high school juniors and seniors as well as college students to gain insight on how they’d like to see the criminal justice system work for them!
Our latest elections have been met with much voter apathy and low turnout, particularly by marginalized citizens. Many feel that their voices aren’t valuable and are rarely heard, therefore we are starting a “Your Vote Matters" campaign to raise political consciousness and voter participation within the community.

Latest News

What’s Next From Our Community Champion? Economic Opportunities!

On Saturday, December 14, 2019 the Pure Justice Executive Director, Sasha Legette was recognized by the Texas Organizing Project as a Community Champion for her undeniable, relentless commitment to the communities of Harris County. She is hyper-focused on being solutions...

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Pure Justice focuses on criminal justice reform and economic equity issues in Harris County and surrounding areas.